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Conditions Relieved by “Therapeutic Massage"

  • Tension is relieved in muscles, with the release of tension, there is a lessening of stress and the client feels more able to cope with the emotional problems.

  • Mental and physical fatigue is relieved, leading to renewed energy and ambition.

  • Pain in the shoulders, neck, and back usually caused by strain is then relieved.

  • Muscles become more firm and fatigue improves.

  • Circulation is improved thus improving skin tone.

  • Digestion, assimilation and elimination problems are corrected.

  • Facial massage helps to prevent blemished skin, tones the skin and softens fine lines.

  • Headache and eyestrain are often relieved.

  • Massage improves body metabolism.

  • Deep relaxation is induced and insomnia relieved.

  • Muscular spasms and internal cramps are relieved.

  • Obesity and muscle atrophy can be improved when climbed.

  • Pain in joints, sprains and poor circulation are relieved.

  • Increased circulation of nourishing blood to the skin and other parts of the body encourages healing.

  • Mental strain is reduced resulting in better productivity.

  • Mildly high blood pressure is temporarily reduced.

  • Renewed sense of confidence and control is experienced.

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