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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have high blood pressure- can I be massaged?

A: As long as your blood pressure is controlled with medication you may be massaged.


Q: What about varicose veins?

A: Your therapist will work around the area and massage the rest of the body.


Q: I have heart trouble- can I be massaged?

A: In many cases “yes”, however, we do ask you to check with your doctor first. Perhaps even let the doctor contact your therapist as to what would be best for you.


Q: Will a massage interfere with chiropractic treatments?

A: Definitely not- many chiropractors work hand in hand with massage therapists. A realigned back or other bone structure stays in place longer if the muscles around it are in proper homeostasis.


Q: I recently had surgery- can I be massaged?

A: Again, it is best to check with your physician and perhaps have the therapist and them discuss how best to massage you.


Q: I’m pregnant- can I be massaged?

A: Yes, there are certain areas that need special attention. Always inform your therapist if you are or suspect your are pregnant.


Q: Will a massage help me lose weight?

A: A regular massage program will smooth cellulite, tighten abdominals and give you better skin tone. You will be in better tune with yourself. However, massage in itself will not help you lose weight.


Q: How often should I have a massage?

A: You can have a massage as often as three times a week. Once a week is ideal. Twice a month is good and once a month a must.


Q: Should a massage therapist ever do bone adjustments?

A: No! Massage therapists only work on muscles, tendons, organs, and range of motion. Bone and cartilage adjustments are left up to qualified chiropractors and osteopathic physicians.


Q: What does massage therapy cost?

A: As in any other health care program, continual preventative maintenance is always less expensive that trying to bring one back to good health after you have developed a problem. “Consumers Digest” quotes $45.00 to $70.00 per hour for a massage.

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