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Relaxation Massage

1 Hour

You can also have this massage done for an hour and a half for $90.


Therapeutic Massage

1 Hour

Upper body

Neck Release (2 Styles)

Back Release (2 Styles)

Pressure Points


Sports Stretches/Massage

1 hour

Stretching muscles to get the most flexibility.


Japanese Hot Rock Massage

1 1/2 Hours

  (Hot or cold treatments, light-medium pressure.)

   Balancing the body

Special!  2 hours for only $170


Reflexology (Hydro) Foot Massage

1 Hour


Dry Brushing / Sugar Scrub

1 Hour

Dry brushing of whole body. Sugar scrub with sugar eucalyptus and hot towels. Followed by pineapple honey hydration lotion.


Pregnancy Massage

1 Hour


Lymphatic Massage

2 Hours

Slow and relaxing! Beneficial for your immune system.


Lymphatic Massage Package

2 Hours each for 6 weeks

Beneficial for your immune system. Individual massages of 2 hours each over the course of 6 weeks.


Tibetan Massage

2 Hours

Deep method, slow and metamorphic


Tuning Fork Therapy

1 Hour

Working the chakras


Royal Package

90 Minutes

Includes a relaxing mini facial, full body massage, and a hands & feet paraffin treatment to make you feel like royalty. 


House Calls

1 hour massage. Longer, different types of massage are available upon request.


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Note: Persons weighing more than 190# may incur additional costs.

Note:  Discounts are available for monthly clients.

Note:  5% fee on credit card payments

For more information on services and pricing please see the Contact Page

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